About me

In a nutshell

Professional path

I’m currently a Software Engineer at Farfetch developing solutions for Data.

I started as a Business Intelligence Intern at Farfetch, which allowed me to publish my Master’s thesis about “The shift to distributed computing in Business Intelligence.”

After the internship, I got into a permanent role as a Data Engineer for Business Intelligence for almost a year.

Creating things is my ambition! So I wondered about how it would be to be a Software Engineering. I committed to the challenge, and that’s what I do on my daily basis now!

However, the creative side of me keeps asking me for MORE. I’m now focused on finding how to be a Research Scientist / Engineer.

Academic path

I started my academic path with a First Degree in Mathematics. However, by the middle of the degree, I found myself passionate about Computer Science, so I joined my First Degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering.

Afterward, I did my Master’s Degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering as well. And now, I’m taking a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, particularly about Artificial Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Modelling.

Want to know more?

Before Computer Science, I took a First Degree in Mathematics. Wow, those were busy days ๐Ÿ˜‰. I attended both simultaneous for a while until I found I couldn’t take the most advantage of them that way and focused on Informatics and Computing Engineering and finished the Mathematics degree when I was already working at Farfetch as a Data Engineer.

When I was still an intern, I was lucky to have the best Lead there was! I was already quite familiar with most of the processes at the time, and the thesis was going as planned, and my first 1:1 meeting time came – I was nervous! You see, I wasn’t sure back then what a 1:1 was supposed to be. He asked me if I was comfortable – I said “yes, sure!” But he insisted: “Are you sure? Nothing troubles you, do you feel comfortable about what you’re doing? Like REALLY comfortable?”. Then I suspected my answer might be wrong. Still, I took my chances and said, “Yes, I’m comfortable. I really like being here, and I’m getting more and more confident about my work.” Then I understood one of the things I might never forget for my professional path. He replied: “In that case, we need to do something about it, don’t we? It’s time to change! It’s time to learn new things!” – with a big challenging smile!

I really love this perspective of things. From back then until now, I apply all my efforts to avoid being “too comfortable” and keeping pushing my limits. That’s why I’m now betting all the chips in my Ph.D.!

Having my first academic footprint in the Mathematics field and then having full academic training in Informatics and Computing Engineering would probably lead me to bet in Data Engineering for the most logical choice. But I just didn’t feel the Business related world would fit me – I wanted to create new things!

Because myย Ph.D. in AI – Artificial Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Modellingย – is closely related toย Psychologyย andย Neuroscience, I’m adding an extra layer in the challenge I’m embracing and exploring these topics as well. So far, I’m finding it fascinating!


Since I was little, I wrinkle my nose when someone tells me I shouldn’t do something that doesn’t fit the conventional patterns. So I love doing things some would say quite “random.” ๐Ÿ˜…


Pretty much girly this one, right? My grandmother tried to teach me more than I could ever learn back then, but I still do nice things once in a while. I just let my creativity flows until I conclude I got too far, and my plans are beyond my current skills on the sewing machine. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I once got to do a bean bag with a Mickey Mouse shape!! I recently did the pillows of my terrace sofas and other minor things – the time is getting scarce as the years pass.

Balloons sculpting

This one is funny! I took the course of Balloons Sculpting while in College to earn some money at kids’ parties to help to pay tuition. I should say I never did it because I never got to create a character to present myself hiding my shyness.

Nevertheless, I already brought my balloons to some team parties from work and got some seriously good feedbacks ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nowadays, I bring my balloons to some birthday parties of kids from my family.

Furniture restoration and bricolage

I love a good bricolage Saturday! From hanging pictures on the wall to painting gates, building my own outside furniture for the terrace, and buying old furniture to restore and give a new life … It’s my meditation way! Although I really like doing Yoga and Buddhism meditation.

On bricolage Saturdays, I let my creativity flow and test my resilience to go through a plan that I anticipate it’s going to be hard. I often ask myself halfway why I did it, and then I celebrate my accomplishment!

Cooking and baking

I’m not sure this can be included in the hobbies section, but I like to, now and then, try a new recipe and bring it to a family’s dinner and even bring it to work to help my colleagues to extinguish their sourness from the work pressure. I’m proud to say I haven’t got a negative review yet!


I also have some other more conventional things I like to do in my free time, such as playing videogames and board games, reading a good book (I prefer the fantasy genre), watching movies and series, doing Yoga, and doing absolutely nothing (almost my favorite).